Dating back to 1929, Myer Gurman arrived in Canada from Europe with little money and big dreams. In hopes of creating a new life for his family, he opened a small business producing caps. In 1952, his son, Jack, joined the company and transformed the business into JayGur Imports, which eventually became JayGur International, with the intention of bringing the best quality goods to his Canadian market. In 1978, Jack’s twin sons, Jonathan and Marvin, joined the company with the energy, aggression and ambition to become a major player in the industry. The brothers carried on the family legacy and successfully evolved their grandfather’s cap business into an international powerhouse. JayGur International became JCorp in 2003, and along with its US counterpart, ADTN International Ltd., it has become a very important resource to North American retailers for a variety of goods. After quickly developing a keen eye for fashion trends and an awareness of their customer needs, the Gurman twins became very adept at developing private label programs for retail customers. Leading their team with a “you go, you get” attitude, JCorp is a motivated and forward-looking company that ensures exceptional product and service for its customers.