JCorp is a Canadian-based company that is a valued supplier of apparel, accessories and other merchandise, providing customers with fashionable, yet quality items. Its emphasis is on branding, licensing and production of apparel and merchandise for children, men and women, as well as private labelling, which includes celebrity endorsed products.

From design and manufacturing to sales, JCorp handles virtually every aspect across the supply chain, with a direct focus on pleasing its customers from start to finish. The company meets with its customers frequently to ensure ultimate satisfaction. It effectively spots and reacts to changing market trends. With advanced technology and design expertise, JCorp is able to provide the mass market and chain stores with current products in a timely fashion.

The on-time deliveries, consistent product quality, fast reaction to fashion trends and inventory demands have afforded JCorp its strong retailer relationships, an impressive portfolio of customers and a reputation of being a leading North American supplier in its class.



The company was founded in 1959 by Jack Gurman. JAYGUR Manufacturing
started as a domestic manufacturer of caps, aprons and shirts. In 1981, twin
sons Jon and Marvin joined the business.
They immediately recognized that the market was shifting and that their future
success would depend on their ability to adapt to becoming importers.



Their early entry into imports and their ability to recognize fashion trends paved
the way for them to become industry leaders both in Canada and the US.
In 2002 the company changed its name to JCorp Inc.


"You go, you get!" has driven our mission in becoming an internationally-valued supplier of quality and fashionable clothing and accessories