Although product will always be king, the ability to execute customers' orders is JCorp’s most important priority. JCorp’s experienced team works diligently with its customers to develop and monitor sales plans and advertising and promotional campaigns. JCorp's customer service department has a proven track record that enables it to support its customers' EDI and compliance requirements.

JCorp's senior management has adopted a very “hands on" approach to this critical area of the business. It, along with a team of seasoned professionals, constantly travels the globe seeking new opportunities and reinforcing existing relationships. In addition, JCorp has offices in the Far East staffed with production and quality control personnel reporting to a local Director. The retail reality today demands speed to market, excellent quality and a recognizable price, and value relationship. This structure enables JCorp to achieve these goals.

JCorp both manages its own inventory and accepts the responsibility of analyzing its customers' inventory. A thoroughly trained team, under the direction of senior management, maximize retail sales by planning just in time delivery of product, maintaining model stock on replenishment programs and identifying fast and slow selling styles.