Our office is based in NYC where sales, design, production and sourcing all work together to meet our clients' needs. We are full circle from concept to completion. In addition to our NYC office we have our headquarters in Montreal and several offices overseas to facilitate our compliance requirements & QC.

Product Development & Design is built on a collaborative effort at large. Whether domestically (USA & CA), all over Europe or the Far East you can count on us to be visible. We find our inspiration from many sectors -- traditionally: shopping stores at all tiers, visiting fabric markets, and working with factories for upcoming techniques or equipment technology to the non-traditional: tech submits & trade shows, multi-faceted social media avenues and "street watching."

ADTN has a wide customer base built on strong relationships which allows us tremendous market knowledge. Not only we are able to spot the trends but it's knowing when it's appropriate to introduce them to each unique customer. We all know that timing is everything in this business. We also employ a team of analysts who help us dive into selling down to the size or localization level to pull out valuable information for upcoming seasons. Our ability to read and react - turning goods in as fast as 45 days for our retailers -- has created increases in sales in both "trend-right" best sellers as well as up keeping size integrity for replenishment programs.